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About "Investment"


My project developed from my desire to understand how much the consumer culture of society influences human identity.

Modern American society has created a comfortable, prosperous lifestyle where consuming (investing in objects) has become an important activity.  Because of that, people are crammed together, but have to act like strangers with few established relationships or communities (a lack of investment in people).

Society is disorienting and entertaining us by promoting excessive consumerism.

Are we investing more in objects than investing in people?  Can we be free from external influences?  Can we change things around us to reflect our values?  Can we change the social and political landscape around us?

My approach in this project is to visualize diverse human emotions.

These shapes originate from my drawings. I overlap the metal shapes and rearrange them into various compositions, creating the perception of 3-D metal collages.

"Investment" was displayed in Glendale in November, 2020.

This project was funded in part by the Puffin Foundation.


Srboohie Abajian—2020



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Puffin Award
May, 2017

Received Puffin Foundation grant for "Investment" public art project